2008 Reunion Photos

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Our 2008 reunion took place in Norfolk, Virginia.  We have a collection of photographs for all to see, some of them are of the Banquet dinner and some are at the Naval museum and the Norfolk naval station, We did our best to identify the photos and the people in them but a lot have to go unidentified.  Enjoy what we have for now as the group size gets smaller each year. Click on photo titles from the list below to display photos.

Other Photos

The following 4 photos are wounded men being transferred to the USS Worchester after the mine hit on Sept. 27, 1950. If anyone can indentify these Brush shipmates, please contact Russell Maxwell. Click on photos to display full size (very large).

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Jim Wehmeier Photos

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Crew being transferred to the USS St. Paul in May, 1953 with injuries received when MT.51 took a hit. Click on photos to display full size.


Willie P. Nash


Hong Kong Harbor - 1954
Photo taken in Hong Kong harbor - Sept. 1954
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Photo provided by Joseph T. Hurth. Date Unknown.
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Forrest Linderman Photos
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