Hey Russ,


Forrest Linderman, USS Brush, 1959-61, SOG2


Saw your site listed in the USS Brush reunion newsletter.  I thought maybe you be interested in a couple of pics I have....


On the Brush about 1959

L to R, Cant remember the name, from the wine country in CA,  Linderman, Bud Kindy



Brush crew members, all from the Sonar crew in Japan (?) L-R, Robt. Sharp, ?  ?  

Also in Yokosuka, Japan.  All Sonarmen:  L-R  Linderman, Jack Madigan, ?, Railly, ?, Greer





USS Brush, about 1960

Linderman & Sharp


Thanks for a nice stroll down memory-lane!


Best Regards,

Forrest Linderman